About Kandy Kulture

With a passion for entertainment, through storytelling and lenses, the talented team at Kandy Kulture has the creative eye, attention to detail, and energy needed to make the vision of a production come to life.

The Team

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Meet Vonne Tubbs

Vonne is the author of The Red Door, A Dance With The Boogieman, and a third novel, Ghetto Gumbo; which currently has no release date. In her early 20s, she created Kandy Kulture, the magazine, and has since transitioned her brand into a platform for creatives and artistic expressions. In addition to having served as an editing advisory board member for WOCO (Writers of Color Org) she is adding the wonderful world of film to her repertoire.

Meet Tara L Thompson

Tara is an author, poet, and public speaker. She published her debut novel, Before I Say I Do, in 2014, followed by the sequel Divided Souls, in 2015. Her latest release Clara’s Curse explores generational curses and how family secrets can lead to unspeakable acts. Tara was the recipient of the 2019 Queen City Awards Author Of The Year and has been nominated for the award for 2021. When she is not writing, she enjoys time with her daughter. For more information you can visit her website at www.taralthompson.net.

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Meet Tracie Bailey

Tracie is an actress, acting coach, writer, and filmmaker from Huntsville, AL. She is the founder of D.E.M.O Productions and has provided coaching and consultation for stage, film, and community organizations that include; The Other Woman play, Where My Girls At? Musical, Cupcakes, and Pearls mentoring group, and TEN Worldwide ministries. She is the writer, director, and producer of Choices, The Mountaintop, Scenes of a Single Sister, and Huntsville Trailblazers.

Meet Dion Artis

Dion was born in Harlem, New York. He found his passion at the age of eight. Dion is a renowned writer, director, and producer. He received a writer's award at the age of eleven and had his first poem published at the age of fourteen. He co-wrote and directed the original stage play, Saved & Playin’ Church (2010); wrote, directed, and produced the hip hop gospel stage play, No More Thuggin (2008), urban play, The Preacher's Son, and his newly created musical stage play, Sundjata, coming soon. Being highly motivated by close family members Dion completed and published his first novel, One Last Chance At Love in 2013. Dion finds enjoyment in writing musical plays and wants to combine the elements of history, spirituality, and the streets.

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